Keto Christmas Breakfast

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This collection of Keto Christmas Breakfast recipes is packed with recipes that are perfect for Christmas morning! It has something for everyone, whether you prefer a sweet or savory Christmas breakfast, we’ve got you covered!

As always, we aim to share gluten-free keto recipes that are oh so yummy! There’s everything from mouth-watering keto frittatas to keto gingerbread cookies, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect recipes for this Christmas morning.

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Keto Christmas Breakfast

Keto Christmas Breakfast Pin
Keto Christmas Breakfast Pin

Christmas breakfast has always been a big deal in our family for as long as I can remember. I have countless beautiful memories of the entire family (we’re talking 20+ people) together for Christmas brunch.

Because we as Hispanics have our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, we started the tradition of Christmas Day breakfast usually at my Aunt Iris’s home. This quickly turned into an all-day, “come by whenever you can” sort of day. 

So of course, when we started this keto journey we knew we would have to bring our own keto options to supplement the usual spread of Cuban bread, pancakes, refried beans, and the mountain of cookies! 

Now the good thing about keto and breakfast is that the staples (eggs and bacon) are still perfectly keto! But of course, when it comes to Christmas and the holidays, we like to have a little something special.

And now that something special is even easier to pick with this huge collection of Keto Christmas Breakfast recipes!

Essential Kitchen Tools

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When it comes to cooking and baking keto (or traditional for that matter), you need a few basic tools to ensure you get great results every time.  The following is a list of some of my favorite basic tools and equipment that you’ll need for these recipes:

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Keto Christmas Breakfast

This collection of Keto Christmas Breakfast recipes is packed with recipes that are perfect for Christmas morning! It has something for everyone, whether you prefer a sweet or savory breakfast!


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