13 Top Keto Holiday Hacks

table filled with Christmas cookies with the text "Best Keto Hacks For The Holidays"

If you’re wondering how you will get through the holidays without falling into the temptation of all the carbs and sugar, don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

I’ve laid out all my best tips and tricks for saying no to sugar during the sweetest time of the year!

These 13 Top Keto Holiday Hacks will help you stay committed and show you there is no need to get off course during the holidays!

If you plan ahead and implement these practical tips I’m sure you will have success staying on track this and every Holiday season in your future!

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13 Top Keto Holiday Hacks

13 keto holiday hacks pin
13 keto holiday hacks 


Ok, so you might be wondering, what even is a keto holiday hack?

Basically, we’re talking about arming yourself with all the tricks, strategies, and techniques to resist the sugar and make wise decisions.

Hack your mindset about food and enjoy the full benefits of a keto lifestyle!

I’ll admit that when we first started on our keto journey many years ago it was not easy for me!

Especially when thinking about what would happen to one of my favorite holiday traditions, baking Christmas cookies! It’s one of the things that motivated me to learn how to keto bake and ultimately led to this blog!

Now I know how difficult it can be during the holidays to resist all of the beautiful sugary goodness and overeating that we are used to. That’s why I created this list of ways to make it through. 

1. Keep Your Mindset Right

The holidays are only a few days a year. Don’t blow all your hard work because of a couple of days.

Keep your head in the game and don’t get off track because of the holiday fare that is being offered.

2. Visualize You Goals

There are mainly two reasons why we typically give into holiday food temptations.

First, the hard to pass up seasonal foods, and secondly not wanting to risk offending someone by refusing their food.

By thinking ahead, you have the opportunity to prepare yourself mentally and be ready to face temptation.

Eating before is a great strategy. Why not have a small meal to help you stay focused.  

Going hungry to a party only sets you up to fail. Rather than focus on food, learn to accept the compliments you receive at the party.

Comments like, “you really look great”, can help keep your hands and eyes off all the food that will try to trip you up.

Remember you’re setting an example by abstaining from sugary treats or over-indulging. Even if you aren’t aware of it yet, others are watching.

3. Have A Ready Answer

When questioned why you made the decision to eat a low carb keto diet, have an answer ready.

Rehearse in advance your reason for your lifestyle choice.

Answers like, “I am choosing to stay on plan because it works for me and it’s helping me get healthy,” can help people understand that you are not saying no to them, but to the foods that have the potential to get you off plan.

4. Drink More Water

a water bottle with lemon and cucumber slices.
Flavor your water with lemon and cucumbers slices.

Now is not the time to cut back on your water consumption. Staying hydrated not only flushes toxins from your body, it keeps the cravings at bay.

In fact, drinking a little more water during the holidays is a great way to stay on track.

5. Exercise A Little More

During the holiday season try to squeeze in a few extra workouts.

Why not start a new tradition and go for a walk or another activity after the holiday meal!

Just staying a little more active than your normal will help you stay on track!

Woman working out at home on mat
Aim to exercise a little more during the holidays.

6. Load Up On Vegetables

When at a holiday party, go for the dip and vegetable platter first. Chances are these dips are low in carbs and they will keep you satiated longer.

Veggie side dishes can also be a good choice but be sure to ask if they’re prepared with sugar as holiday side favorites tend to lean on the sweet side.

7. Bring Something

Host the party or be a gracious guest. Offer to host, so that you are in charge of what is served and include lots of low carb options.

If you’re a guest, take a healthy low carb option to share. It gives you an opportunity to educate others on your lifestyle and ensures you have something healthy you can eat.

low carb red velvet cookies
Keto red velvet cookies

8. Don’t Fall For The Trap

“But it’s just one bite”, has caused many to fail. It is important to note that people who can pass the test of “just one bite”, are few and far between.

Remind yourself why you started this journey, don’t risk your progress with a bite that can spiral you out of control.

9. Ace The Test

You may pass the meal test but lingering at the table when the sweets are passed around, may prove to be too great.

Even a small piece of dessert can cause your sugar cravings to soar. If you choose to stay at the table, sip on coffee or tea. You can also have a few berries with whipped cream.

During this season when temptations abound, prepare to have low carb treats at the ready to assist you.

10. Indulge

Wait what??? By indulge I mean, eat more of what is permitted on the plan.

Have more protein, more low carb vegetables. Having more of what’s on the plan will help you not feel deprived.

The extra low carb friendly foods will help you stay full longer making it less likely to fall for the high carb options.

So, go ahead and indulge a little!

11. Treat Yourself

The holidays are meant to be special but special does not have to equate with food. Honor your need to be a little decadent in ways other ways.

Treat yourself to something that brings you a lasting memory and not regrets. 

Don’t use food as a reward. Gift yourself with an experience i.e., a movie, play, perfume, spa day at home, etc.

12. Don’t Keep The Left-Overs!  

Stacked leftovers packed in tupperware
Stacked leftovers packed

Don’t be caught with a fridge full of temptation. As the host make sure you share the leftovers with your guests.

If you are offered leftovers at a party, kindly pass up the option. Remember out of sight, out of mind!

13. Use Exogenous Ketones To Stay On Track

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Consider using exogenous ketones that will naturally elevate your ketones allowing you to enter into ketosis more quickly.

Being at a deeper level of ketosis will help reduce your appetite, carb cravings, and give you lasting energy.  It’s been our experience that the use of exogenous ketones helps make the low carb keto lifestyle a viable sustainable option. 

During the holidays when food temptation is at its highest using a keto supplement may be a great tool in keeping you committed to the keto diet. 

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  1. Great tips! Positive thoughts equals positive results. I’m planning on bringing a side of bacon to any holiday party I attend this year. Yes, that cheese cake looks divine but a few pieces of bacon is a consolation prize I can get behind.


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