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Welcome to Fittoserve Group

Hi, I’m Hilda Solares, one of the owners and founders of Fittoserve Group. I invite you to grab your coffee and step into my world, where I hope to encourage you with my Christian faith, practical lifestyle tips and of course my low carb keto recipes.

Wife, mom, community group pastor, blogger, and life coach are just a few of the hats I wear. While I gladly embrace and enjoy every one of my roles, I have learned the importance of keeping balance.

My Journey To Transformation

As a survivor of the Guillan Barre Syndrome, fibromyalgia, and chronic sciatica, today I live my life very intentionally.

At my worst, I relied on a walker and strong pain medication to barely function. Hope stepped in when my health was at its bleakest and God led me to a  ketogenic plan while in a season of extended fasting.

Perfect Keto

before and after picture Hilda Solares
My before and after picture.

You should know that it took me almost eight years to understand how being in a state of ketosis would be a key to my health. Once I understood the transformative power of ketones in our body, I combined it with my Christian faith and my body began to heal. Out of this  FITTOSERVE GROUP was birthed.

What started as a small class gathering of women at our home, has grown into a beautiful ministry where we have the honor of sharing what we’ve learned.

It was those first ladies that encouraged me to share my recipes and lifestyle tips, it’s why today you can enjoy this Christian Keto blog.

Had it not been for the insistence of my sisters those early days I would have never taken the leap of faith.

I had no background in blogging, writing or recipe creating, I apologize in advance if you see evidence of this when you visit our site.

However, I made a promise to myself and you to grow, learn and make this blog something you will be happy to visit and share.

Accommodating Growth And Expansion

When the gathering of Fittoserve Group outgrew our home, our pastors took a bold step and opened the doors of the church to allow for our monthly group to meet.

Today, Fittoservegroup is opened to the women and men of our church and the community at large.

If you are in the South Florida area we invite you to join us at Word of Faith Global were we meet the second Thursday of every month and teach for free what we have learned.

Randy’s Keto Transformation

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Randy’s before and after picture

Without a doubt, my husband Randy’s keto transformation has been nothing short of a miracle. He was able to lose over 80 pounds and no longer suffers from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and fatty liver disease.

At his worst ,he was on nine different medications trying to manage these diseases.

Randy would tell you that his moment of revelation came while he was quoting scriptures of healing, yet making no dietary changes to back up his confession.

It wasn’t until he was convicted by the Holy Spirit to put action to his Bible quoting that his health began to finally transform.

Randy had nothing to lose and everything to gain when he chose to combined his faith and got rid of the sugar, grains and high carb foods in his diet.

It was this combination that set him free from the weight and food issues he struggled with most of his adult life.

Today, our transformation has encouraged thousands to do the same. It has been a humbling honor to assist people on their journey to being whole in spirit, mind, and body.

The decision we made in January 2014 of offering the keto lifestyle as a fast unto the Lord, has had a ripple effect that continues to grow today.

That one-act of obedience was the catalyst to our change.

Community Group Pastors

As Community Group pastors we are committed not only to the spiritual growth of individuals but to the mental and physical wellbeing of those God has entrusted us with.

We realize that our ministry is not typical. Nonetheless, this out of the box ministry has been a powerful blessing in the lives of many.

If there is one thing this girl has learned is that you can’t put God in a small box of fixed preconceived ideas.

Combining our faith with the keto diet and offering our support has expanded our reach because we use this blog.

Today, we don’t just minister to those who faithfully attend the local Fittoserve Group, but also those who are part of our readership, Fittoserve Facebook Group and FB Page.

In what we never could have imagined, God has allowed us to minister to people all around the world using our Christian Keto blog.  At any given day we are connecting with people who reach out to us from the blog via email for guidance.

Why We Combine Keto With Our Christian Faith

We make no apologies for our Christian faith because it takes center stage in our lives. Without Christ Randy and I would not be who were are today.

We can’t separate our faith from what we do or who we are.

People are choosing to come to us not only for the keto lifestyle advice we give, but to put their faith in Christ as their eternal hope. We may never now how many lives have been ministered to because of the decision to be bold with our faith.

The Need For Change

Sadly, for the most part, the body of Christ has not taken serious the responsibility of taking care of the physical body. The deception in this area has been blinding. So much so, that many Christians have either given up on trying or feel it’s not necessary.

It’s my belief that the enemy of our souls has used this attitude as a breach to attack the health and wellbeing of what should be a people walking in divine health.

Can I tell you that you will never be able to serve God to the fullest if your body is not functionally optimally? It is simply impossible to do all He created you to be with such hindrances.

Why does it surprise us that we need to do a better job of taking care of our body? Isn’t it the very place that God has chosen to deposit his Holy Spirit when we choose to make him our Lord and savior? Does He not call us His temple?

Isn’t it time the church rises up and takes what rightfully belongs to her, divine health?
I for one am tired of seeing the enemy attack the church in this area.

As far as I am concerned, the world should be storming the doors of our churches to find all the answers. And this includes how to take care of our physical well-being.

Why So Passionate?

My passion comes from a place of having been in the grips of the enemy’s deception in this area. For years I was focusing on my spiritual health yet ignoring my physical health. I had no clue the consequences of my dietary choices were the root cause of my poor health.

It’s why when my body finally fell apart I was completely blindsided by the attack and therefore ill prepared to fight the necessary battle. I was at death’s door and didn’t realize how I ended up in this scenario. I blamed the devil for it all and was oblivious to my role.

It’s my heart that you avoid the need to completely rebuild your temple because your body just gives up. That instead you heed the warning before it becomes much more of a challenging.

Trust me when I tell you that it is much easier to maintain than to rebuild.

Please don’t make the same mistakes I made.

Lack Of Knowledge Is Destroying Many

Why are so many suffering from poor health? Mostly, because like us we couldn’t find a sustainable solution that worked. With so many conflicting voices in the health community, it can be difficult to tune in to what our bodies are trying to tell us. Or to listen properly to the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

If you are looking for sustainable change get rid of the processed junk, and eat as close to how God intended.

But the question is how? We believe that combing the keto diet with the Christian faith has the potential to unlock the keys to finally being whole in spirit, mind and body. Why? Because we learned this firsthand.

My people perish for lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6. This verse has served as a mandate and it’s what propels us to share what we have learned.

Randy and I are passionate about sharing what we’ve learned, because we lived the devastating consequences that come when we live in a chronic state of illness.

Understand, that the long-term effects of our poor choices do not just affect the person ignoring the cues.  The truth is, it can impact the lives of all who are connected to you.

For this and so many other reasons, Randy and I endeavor to bring clarity to the issue of complete wellness using our personal stories of transformation. It’s our hope it will inspire others to live their very best life and avoid the pitfalls we encountered.

Our Ultimate Goal And Mission

You may be wondering why we have chosen to add several ways to monetize this site. Maybe you have enjoyed our Christian Keto blog but don’t understand our decision.

Perhaps if you understood our vision and mission you could better respect our choice.

For one, running this blog is not free. I wish it were but that is just not the case. In order to provide you with all the information and tools you need to meet your goals, the site needs to be updated regularly and function properly.

Our blog viewership is growing at a rate we never imagined. Simply put we need to be able to accommodate for our growth. The last thing we want is for you to find the site and it does not load because we can’t afford to keep things running smoothly.

What our ultimate goal and prayer is that the income this blog provides, will someday allows us the freedom and flexibility to travel to other churches with this message. That we would be able to bring a piece of Fittoserve to those who would have us.

We would love the opportunity to teach the body of Christ that combing keto with the Christian faith can be a viable tool in helping them transform in spirit, mind and body.

Blog Contributor and Daughter, Michelle Gonzalez

Hey, I’m Michelle Gonzalez! I love food, hair, make up and pretty much anything creative. Growing up I never knew what I wanted to do when I was older. Some people might see that as a bad thing but I personally love it. I

have learned and mostly taught myself how to do a large variety of things. I can run a box office and manage your social media or dye your hair 5 different colors and revamp your furniture. Or you know, help run the backend of this blog.

As you can see, I’m a lot like my mom. I like to wear many hats, although mine are probably those goofy hats that are 2 feet tall you get at the fair.

I believe you should have fun with everything you do, or while getting down to business when it’s time. It’s a delicate balance that often leaves the house covered in food coloring splatters or glitter that just keeps showing up in the most random places.

New Orleans Farmers Market

Nothing would make Randy and I happier than to be able to be able to go to you. Wherever that may be.

If you find value in our blog and the message we are trying to spread. Please consider supporting this mission by sharing our blog.












Perfect Keto


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    • Hi Karen, I feel the same way. It so important that the body of Christ be whole. If we put only the emphasis on our spiritual health we will not be able to accomplish the work of the Lord that only we can do. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging ??

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  12. I've been a fan of fittoservegroup for a while now but never read your about page. I've been interested in the Keto lifestyle for a while now too but just haven't put forth the effort to really do it properly. I would like to, especially now since I seem to be having trouble lately controlling my blood glucose. I've not been diagnosed as a diabetic at this point but I've been monitoring my glucose since right after my mom passed away and I got blood work from the doctors office showing slightly elevated blood glucose and A1C. Both of my parents were diabetic later in life and I had done a speech, in speech class, on diabetes and learned, while researching for the speech, that if both parents were diabetic that put you at eighty percent risk of getting it too. So when I saw these elevated levels I started monitoring and trying to eat healthily. I've fallen considerably with the healthy eating lately though and my glucose levels are showing that. I want to blame my failure to not having support but I really can't do that because I don't have to follow others unhealthy eating habits. I have to say that my main problem is just plain laziness. I'm too lazy to prepare the foods so I eat whatever happens to be available. Once upon a time I started a low carb lifestyle and managed to maintain for 5 years. But at that time my husband did most of the cooking, he actually still does even though neither one of us really do much cooking these days. But anyway, for those 5 years he actually cooked low carb for me. When he quit cooking low carb that's when I got off the low carb. I had lost 63 lbs eating that way but quickly put those pounds back on, plus some, when I quit eating low carb. Then I tried something else and lost those pounds again but have put about half that weight back on and am struggling with my weight now as well as my glucose. Don't get me wrong, my glucose is not terribly out of control. It was starting to stay slightly above a hundred. I know they have increased the acceptable levels recently to up to 110 but in my opinion that is too high. I'd like to see it remain below 100. Part of my problem the last few years has been that if I'm around food I can't resist it and most of what I'm around is unhealthy foods. I've gotten involved at church in helping with kitchen duty for our children's FBI program as well as other occasions where there is food involved. And I'm Baptist so you know we love to eat, lol. When we've had pot luck at church I've often tried to bring low carb healthy dishes and for the most part people ignore my dishes. I actually had one lady tell me that she wouldn't serve that type of food as long as she was in charge of the pot luck meals. And most of the food that is brought to the pot luck meals are the traditional comfort foods that everyone loves. I would love for the people at my church to learn to eat healthy because I see so many with failing health. Anyway, I've totally lost what my initial goal was in writing this message since I've just rambled on and on. But I do appreciate all you've done to inform people of the health benefits of a keto lifestyle. With God's help and plenty of prayers maybe I can eventually get on this lifestyle and get my health back under control. Much love to all of you and may God continue to Bless you in this endeavor. I have sent you messages on occasion asking questions when something wasn't clear with one of your recipes, or even just commenting on them sometimes.


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