Jesus and Keto For Transformation

Jesus And Keto Lifestyle

Randy and I came to the keto diet looking at it from a Christian perspective, it’s the filter we choose to see from. When we decided to combine our Christian faith and the keto diet, we did so in hopes of finding lasting transformation.

Randy had been a diabetic for over 15 years and he was dealing with the consequences of this disease. I was a survivor of the Guillan Barre Syndrome and was fighting fibromyalgia and chronic sciatica.

Suffice it to say we were both in need of a miracle. When we began to apply the tenements of our Christian faith with the keto diet, the benefits surpassed anything we had hoped for.

Not only did our health transform but our walk with Christ also grew.

You can read more about our health transformation on our about page.

Does Jesus Approve Of Keto

Christian Faith And The Keto Diet

You should know that by the time Randy and I came to the ketogenic lifestyle we had exhausted all other avenues.

In fact, we had spent thousands of dollars on every known form of medical care and amassed a great deal of debt in the process.

Going from one medical specialist to another seemed like a regular part of our lives. Looking back, it felt like our lives revolved around our doctor appointments and there was little room for much else.

Besides, the countless doctor visits, we did everything in our power to get on as many prayer lists as possible. If there was someone praying we wanted to be included on their shortlist.

Jesus Keto Lifestyle

Then in a bold step, we decided to combine our Christian faith and the keto diet in January of 2014. It was a decision that God had clearly pointed me to during a time of extended fasting and prayer.

At the time God simply told me to cut out the sugar and grains. It was later on that I realized I was being directed to a ketogenic diet.

In 2014 we began the year doing the keto diet as part of our church corporate fast. That decision turned into a fast lifestyle for us.

God never released us from that fast and it’s why it’s become what we lovingly call our “Jesus and Keto” or “Christian Keto“, or even our “Jesus Keto” lifestyle.

Today, we frequently get messages from people who like us felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to combine their Christian faith with the keto diet. It’s so encouraging to see how the body of Christ is using it as a path to transformation.

Combining Our Faith With Keto

Prior to coming to the keto lifestyle, we were having little to no success. We were on this aimless path of always trying something new.

We finally learned that there were no short-cuts to achieving the real health we desired. It was no longer about doing a gimmicky diet. Instead, we realized we needed a complete lifestyle change.

Why? Simply put, the path we were on was always after a quick fix. But once we chose to make a ketogenic diet a lifestyle, we found ourselves on course for transformation.

Every measure we took to eliminate sugar, bad carbs, etc. from our diet was laced in prayer. We didn’t just toss a bunch of food and decide to try something new.  This time was different, this time we genuinely included God in the process.

What’s more, we decided to do this as a couple. We made a commitment to keep each other accountable. We were certain that God had led us down the best path for us.

With each passing day, our commitment grew and our bodies responded favorably to this new-found lifestyle. In addition, our relationship even grew stronger.

Doing Keto As A Christian

What we quickly learned when we first combined our Christian faith and the keto diet was how much it reminded us of how we felt when we would fast.

We were experiencing the spiritual benefits along with the physical. Not only were we able to consistently say no to the junk food we ate on a regular basis but we noticed that our faith and trust in God had also grown.

It was something that really intrigued us because we didn’t fully understand what was happening. Could combining our Christian faith with a keto diet have more than just physical benefits?

We discovered that indeed there was more to this ketosis-inducing diet. In fact, there was a bit of science behind what we were experiencing.

For one, when you are in ketosis your senses are heightened, and you’re able to focus better. So it made sense that this also gave us the ability to hear from God more clearly as Christians.

Our bodies are quite complex and we believe that there is a spirit, mind and body connection that affect all three areas.

Jesus and Keto Lifestyle

Keto Reminds Us Of Christian Fasting

When a person does any form of fasting, guess what rises? That’s right our ketones. Do you think this rise in ketones when fasting is a coincidence?

I for one don’t believe this to be the case. To me, it simply points to our creator’s perfect craftsmanship. Being in a state of ketosis allowed us to be less distracted.

When the brain fog from all the junk we used to eat finally lifted we were able to deal with the root problem that was affecting our health. We began to address years of food addiction effectively by combining our faith with that of a keto lifestyle.

Is it any wonder that God would lead us to the discipline of prayer and fasting to see a real transformation? I don’t think so.

The Bible clearly states that there are some instances that the only way we will be delivered is if we fast and pray. But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting. Matthew 17:21

I believe that combining our Christian faith and the keto diet was the key to our deliverance because being in a state of ketosis allowed us to make better choices consistently.

Keto A Fasting Mimicking Diet

The Ketogenic diet mimics the benefits of fasting In fact, in some circles, keto is referred to as Fast Mimicking Diet.

The major difference between food fasting and that of a keto diet is that on a ketogenic diet you don’t abstain from food entirely but rather you reduce your carbohydrates to levels that force your body to produce ketones for energy.

Being in ketosis means your body is burning fat for fuel rather than glucose (sugar).

Could any diet that focuses on clean eating work? Sure to a certain extent. You can have similar side effects by doing a very low-calorie diet. But to enter ketosis your carbs must be quite low.

However, what we have found and others too, is that because a keto diet is very satiating it makes staying compliant so much easier. Plus it’s a very healing and muscle-sparing diet.

A recent study took a look at type 2 diabetics who undertook either a 3-day fast or a zero carbohydrate diet for the same length of time.(1) The study was done to try to elucidate the mechanism of the beneficial effects of a low-calorie diet on blood glucose in diabetics, which could be due to a) weight loss; b) low-calorie intake; or c) lower carbohydrate intake.

After 3 days of fasting, glucose and insulin dropped dramatically in these diabetics, by 49% and 69% respectively. But they also dropped on the low-carbohydrate diet, although not as much, the researchers calculating that 71% of the glucose response to fasting was due to the absence of carbohydrate. Rogue Health & Fitness 

How the spirit, mind, body connection affects our health

Jesus And Keto

The more we understood being in ketosis the more we saw it as God’s tool to help us heal.

For the first time, we were truly able to crucify our flesh and address a lifetime of food addiction.

Finally, Randy and I found the answer we were looking for.

Losing Weight With Jesus

Randy’s keto transformation has been nothing short of a miracle. He was able to lose over 80 pounds and no longer suffers from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and fatty liver disease.

At his worst, he was on nine different medications trying to manage these diseases.

Today, the mirage of symptoms I dealt with are mainly in the past. With each passing day, I see how my body is transforming.

That one-act of obedience started us on a journey to becoming whole in spirit, mind, and body. Where we would aim not to neglect any of these three areas.

Gone would be the days where we would only focus on one aspect to the detriment of the others.

Christians In Ketosis

What the Lord did with our decision took us by surprise. But why should it surprise us that our words need to match our actions?

Although we both were faithful in declaring the word of God over our lives and trusting in the power of Jesus to heal, our faith was without works.

If a person chooses to follow Christ, yet never takes the steps to live free from the stronghold of sin, wouldn’t we know it’s not God’s best?

Shouldn’t it be a natural flow from our hearts to want to obey God? Somehow though we fall into the trap of thinking there is an exception when it comes to our diet.

As if God cares about our choices, but doesn’t mind how we feed our bodies.

Thankfully, being in a state of ketosis as a Christian has made it possible to stay the course to healthy eating consistently. And we can say our walk now matches our talk.

Jesus Isn’t Your Genie He’s Your Lifeline

I’ve had people tell me, “Hilda this is why I pray for my food so that God can clean it up,” They say it with a chuckle and a wink, to somehow make what they just blurted out ok.

Can I tell you it’s not ok? In fact, it’s NEVER ok.  I know because I tried that rationale and it didn’t work.


Because it’s the equivalent of ingesting the poison and pleading with God not to let it affect us. Didn’t Jesus explain this perfectly when he was in the wilderness and tempted by satan? Matthew 4:1-11  

It was Jesus who told satan “It is also written: “Do not put the Lord your God to the test.”  We must be willing to ask ourselves how often are we testing God with our actions.

How far do we stretch the envelope to see what we can get away with? Do we really think that our poor diet choices will not catch up with us eventually?

For years Randy and I walked around feeling we were some exception to the rule. Because we refused to take responsibility when it came to our dietary habits.

It was always tomorrow I will change, but tomorrow would come and we didn’t budge from our position.

Because I genuinely want you to see real transformation too, I implore you to realize that there are no exceptions. There was no exception for us and there will be no exception for you.  Sooner or later we all have to give account for our actions.

You see faith without works will always, always be dead. This is the case in any area of our lives and that includes our dietary choices.

We can’t expect God to be our genie in a bottle. Our confession must mirror our actions.  Facing this brutal fact was the first step to real transformation for us.

If you are desiring similar results, then I encourage you to stop pretending that you can get away with your poor lifestyle choices and begin to take the necessary steps for change.

A Radical Diet Change Was Needed

It wasn’t until we began to combine the promises of God’s word about healing and change our diet to a low carb keto one, that we finally began to see our health turn around.

Could God have miraculously just stepped in and healed us? Sure, and trust me I have seen him do this many a time.

However, sometimes we are healed as we go. In other words, it’s not an instant but gradual healing. I believe this has been our case.

As we gave our bodies the nutrition it needed, our bodies did what God designed it to do, to heal itself. This is what we believe it means to live in divine health.

The bottom line is that Randy and I had some growing up to do in this area. And because God was more interested in our character than our comfort he had us on the long road.

What we’ve learned is that when something has the potential to change not just our lives but that of others, he usually includes us in the process.

He invites us to crucify our flesh and build our character for the blessing of many.

You see what resulted in an act of obedience on our part birthed the ministry of Fittoserve Group. Today, we are seeing thousands of lives impacted and it’s humbling to see.

The ripple effect of our decision to combine our Christian faith with the keto diet is making a difference in ways we may never know this side of eternity.

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Consider Combining Keto With The Christian Faith

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We make no apologies for our Christian faith because it takes center stage in our lives. Without Christ Randy and I would not be who were are today. Without a doubt, we can’t separate our faith from what we do or who we are.

People are choosing to come to us not only for our keto recipes, and lifestyle tips, but to put their faith in Christ as their eternal hope, all because of our decision to be obedient and bold with our faith.

If you are wanting to combine your faith with the keto diet and would love some assistance, feel free to reach out to us.  It would be our honor to support you.

You can follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook 

Consider joining our Private Facebook Group where others are combining their Christian Faith with that of a ketogenic 






  1. Maggie Jager Matthew Kindergarten teacher will always treasure memories

    Hilda Solares is an amazing Godly women am a witness of her strong faith to our Lord.
    She was our leader and we all saw her body deteriorating many hospital visits and most of
    All Praying to our Lord for this miracle in her life. We are more than happy and grateful to our Lord for his mercy Love and for caring and healing most of all for our salvation thru Christ our Lord. Thank you Solares for all your hard and delegent work you have done to inspire me and many to take care of our bodies and mind to be fit to serve our Lord.

  2. christina Trickey couch

    This is such an unexpected glorious aha moment of confirmation and answered prayer from Lord Jesus that I join this group now. Im about 2 months in to consistently fasting and keto. I feel so much better already spirit soul and body. Massive chronic pain syndrome, overweight food addictions chronic fatigue etc. I praise God for finding you and im fully persuaded and ready to be fit to serve again!

  3. God was pointing me towards the keto diet, but in my mind I wasn’t ready for a lifestyle change (though I really do need one). This post today answered my questions and confirmed that I should follow this diet. I praise God for leading me to this post!

  4. Kesha Lynn

    In ave been starting and stopping my Keto diet for weeks now. I have been successful before, but this time around I am truly struggling. I have prayed and asked God to lead and guide me, but I am having a hard time committing. I pour over recipes and nothing seems appetizing to me. I struggle to get the macros and I feel discouraged. I know the enemy is attacking me in this area because he knows I am weak here. I struggle with food addiction, an overall unhealthy relationship with food, weight and image issues and the Holy Spirit is working on this area in my life at this time. I pray about doing the program and finding your site gave me hope and encouragement. It showed me a different viewpoint and reminded me that this is s lifestyle not a diet and it takes time. The site confirmed for me I need to commit and view this lifestyle differently; through God’s eyes and not try to do this on my own. I have requested to join your Facebook page for additional support.

    I would like to ask you if you can elaborate on the fasting portion of the lifestyle? Also could you share some tips on ways you incorporate Jesus into the lifestyle besides praying?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kesha, I would be happy to encourage you in any way I can. Reach out to me on Facebook via messenger. I could even schedule a call with you if you think it would help you. Saying a prayer for you. Blessings, Hilda

  5. Good afternoon sister Hilda . It’s never a coincidence when God puts you in front of what you are praying for . I believe he put me in front of the Keto diet. But as a medical field worker I see and hear alot about the high fat in this lifestyle . Can you please explain to me if it won’t bring about colesterol or high blood pressure due to high salt and so forth.? I have been praying if I should start or not. I believe I will since I came to your page but I just don’t know how? All I hear is bad bad bad. And Keto flu, cellulite and triglycerides. Also is it true we can’t have fruit ? God says we can have fruits. So I am confused. Can you please help me to get un confused ….and why Is Jesus ok with this kind of lifestyle . ?

    • Hi Gracie, I could see how so many conflicting voices can be confusing. First, I would say you need to learn about the keto diet from those who are authorities on the topic. A good resource is and books like the ketogenic bible, cholesterol clarity to name just a few. These resources could reassure you that when a keto diet is done properly it is far from being dangerous and very beneficial. As far as fruits are concerned it is God’s candy and when you consider how we have genetically modified them to be much sweeter than they ever intended to be you can see how they can be a problem for anyone trying to reduce carbohydrates in an effort to lose weight or manage diseases. For the most parts it’s encouraged to have berries and in small quantities. The other issue with fruits is that they were meant to be had as occasional treats when they were in season. In today’s world, we have lost this since you can have just about any fruit year-round. Rather than do a strict keto diet you might look into doing a low carb diet by reducing your carbohydrates. In the end, I can’t tell you if this lifestyle is for you all I can share is how it has made a huge difference in our lives and the many people we know. Ask the Lord to guide you to all truth and let him lead you. Blessings, Hilda

  6. Thank you very very very much sister Hilda. I definetly want Gods temple to be fit to serve him . So if you can share with me how to start week one I would appreciate it. Thank you .

    • Hi Gracie, At the very bottom of the page you’ll see a free handout that you can get when you sign up for our newsletter. It will be a good starting point for doing a ketogenic diet. Blessings!

  7. Hi, I just found your page from a Pinterest recipe and I needed to tell you, I love your website!! I’ve been doing Keto since mid May (also the same day I gave up alcohol) and, Thank You Jesus, I’ve lost 46#. I also do intermittent fasting. I didn’t associate IF with spiritual fasting until my mom and brother said “why not”. It makes total sense, so I try to stay in prayer even more than usual. I did want to share this video I found that really stuck with me about how scientists are realizing how much ketones act as a hormone and literally change our DNA. I praise God for this. He is changing my DNA in both spiritually and physically. Also, not only is this way of eating making me be fat adapted, but it…JESUS… is also changing the alcoholism that had plagued me for years. I know I couldn’t do any of this without Jesus. I’m 53 years old and only 100# more to go. God bless you guys. I can’t wait to try your recipes.
    ST: 363
    CW: 317
    GW: 220 (I’m 5’10” so 220 is okay for me lol)

    • Hi Angela, So glad to hear that you are seeing such great success. Congrats on staying committed to a keto diet and saying no to alcohol. God bless you dear. I invite you to join our private facebook group where other believers who are doing the keto diet are assisting one another. Here is the link:

  8. Dear Sister, i am suffering from chronic lyme disease and i always wanted to fast but i couldnt go on the daniel fast because i had to avoid carbs and also water fasting was not going help because i am close to being anorexic , i like to think god answered my prayer when i stumbled across your website because i am so happy to know that i can still do a keto fast.

    • Hi Cassandra, I am glad you found our site. I would say you should still seek out your doctor’s approval is you are going to do a keto diet if you are borderline anorexic you really need to have a doctor guide you. Saying prayers for you.

  9. Thank you so much, Hilda, for sharing your testimony here. God is so good. Glad I found you site, and looking forward to trying your recipes. God bless you!

  10. Hi, Thank you for sharing. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Can you tell me how to get the far into my diet? Where can I find you on Facebook? Sending prayers. Hope you have a blessed day.

  11. Angela Mercier

    I’m so thankful to God that He directed me to your website! I’ve also tried to get my health in order, and it’s only beginning in January, 2020 that I’ve had any success. I’m trusting God to help me get my whole life in line with His Word so I can run this race and finish well! I’m a Christian, but I’ve neglected my body, justifying that I’m busy about my Father’s work and I’ll get healthy one day. Well, today is the day, and now is the right time! Thank you again for your bold declaration of truth! I hear the gentle correction from the Lord and I receive it!

  12. Randi Torres

    Thank you so much for this beautiful testimony of Christian Keto. I myself have been led to Keto. In the beginning process I went through every possible negative side affect that I could think of….even the Keto Rash. I even thought maybe it was a sign from God that he was trying to tell me that this wasnt for me. Luckily, I prayed and prayed and pushed through all the side effects. Very quickly, the Thrush I had in my mouth, my keto rash, Keto flu and all (from the very high level of Ketones my body was expelling) all started to very rapidly go away. Praise God for the healing that I prayed for!!!

  13. Hi Hilda,I am overjoyed to read your story,and pray I can someday be as obedient in my food lifestyle choices.i have your pound cake recipe in the oven now,and if it’s a tenth as glorious as your story,then I’ll be blessed abundantly..thanks for all you do,and God bless!

  14. Thank you for this site. I have done Keto and IF before but have never really been committed. Last year I accepted the call to preach the word of God and it seems as if I’ve gotten even heavier. I know that satan has always attacked me in the area of food starting in my childhood and especially with the lust of the eyes. I want to overcome this with the help of Jesus, Keto and IF. When you said faith without works is dead, it truly hit home. How can I ask God in faith to deliver me from gluttony if I don’t put in the work. Thank you so much; I have been inspired and will be joining your group.

  15. Donna Dixon

    Thank you so so much for sharing because I started my keto conversion in December 2018 & the Holy Spirit said to me that this journey is going to be like your journey of walking with me. Learning & growing & sharing with others. To better manage Type 1 diabetes is how I decided that is was going to be keto all the way for me like Jesus!!! May you have continued success & blessings in every area of your lives…..


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