The Best Keto Cake Round Up

A keto pound cake round up of the best low carb keto bloggers

Did someone say I we can eat cake? Well, these aren’t just any cakes they’re the best keto cakes! Sharing a collection of low carb keto cakes that is sure to quench that sweet tooth once and for all.

If you are a cake lover, it’s time for you to celebrate, because I am giving you the green light to not only eat cake, but to do so minus the guilt.

This keto cake round-up features sugar-free, low carb, keto options from the best of the best in the keto world. Of course I had to throw in a few of our keto cake recipes too for good measure;)

Win The Battle Against Sugar

Don’t let sugar beat you, combat your sugar cravings with this round-up of the best keto cakes. If you’re like me you are always on the hunt for ways to quiet that nagging sweet tooth so as to not get derailed.

The main reason I began to bake with low carb keto ingredients, was because I knew there was no way I could stay the course if I didn’t find some healthy keto alternatives.

You see this girl was, a full-on carbohydrate junkie. I had no issue loading up my plate with carbs and I rarely invited protein to the party. As far as I was concerned, all I needed was carbs on top of carbs.

Oh and I should add that they didn’t come in the form of healthy vegetables either.

In fact, most of my diet was made up of overly processed foods. Is it any wonder my health became compromised?

Thankfully, those carb-loaded junky days are safely behind me now. However, I must admit that my sweet tooth and I still duke it out from time to time. Which is why I am always looking for great solutions.

Keto Pound Cake For The Win!

One of the first low carb keto cakes I created was a keto pound cake recipe and it turned out to be winner. In fact, my keto pound cake has been pinned over 290K+ times and is responsible for keeping in me the kitchen busy converting traditional recipes.

Had I not had that early success, I’m not sure I would still be blogging. Why? Cuz blogging isn’t easy peeps.

Curious About Keto?

Are you intrigued by the keto diet? If so I encourage you to check out my New Here page and grab all the tools to get started.

Now without any further ado, I share with you my list of what I consider to be the  best keto cakes for you to enjoy and share.

Keto Cake Round Up

Keto Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Low Carb Keto Cream Cheese Pound cake

Starting off the round-up is our  Keto Pound Cake, you know the one I bragged about getting over 142K earlier? Look don’t be fooled, I know that the reason this recipe went viral was God’s way of keeping me in the game.

Furthermore, it would not be the case if it wasn’t for the generosity of the low carb keto community in sharing my little recipe.

The recipe is a Low Carb, LCHF, Keto Cream Cheese Pound Cake that is not only delicious, but easy to recreate which is crucial in my book.

Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake Recipe-Gluten Free

Here is a recipe from the talented Lisa of LowCarbYum. Lisa’s health transformation is one that is sure to inspire and like me it was her story that compelled her to blog and share her recipes. Checkout her Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake Recipe  

Sugar Free Lemon Coconut Pound Cake {Low Carb and Grain-Free

Sharing Brenda’s recipe from Sugar-Free Mom. It’s Lemon Coconut Pound Cake made with coconut flour, making this not only a low carb keto option but also nut-free.

Low Carb Brown Butter Cake

low carb brown butter cake

A rich low carb keto pound cake that features browned butter as the star ingredient.

It’s one you need to try if you love the flavor of butter and want a simple basic yellow cake recipe to replace your high carb favorite.

No need to cheat when you have options like these.


Earthquake Cake

With a name like earth quake, you can’t help but be curious about her cake. Carolyn from All Day I Dream About Food is one of my favorite low carb recipe bloggers. Her yummy recipes always make my mouth water. Checkout why she decided to name it Earthquake Cake

Low Carb Keto Tiramisu Cake

Low carb keto friendly tiramisu cake

My low carb keto friendly tiramisu cake is the perfect dessert for when you want something a little more festive and you want to impress.

This Low Carb Keto Tiramisu recipe features my keto pound cake recipe as a replacement for the typical lady fingers in a tiramisu cake. It was a great hit during the holidays with my family and friends and I am sure it will be yours too.

Low Carb Chocolate Heaven Cake

Libby from Ditchthecarbs is a favorite in the low carb LCHF community. Libby rightly boasts that her Low Carb Chocolate Heaven Cake is the best chocolate ketogenic cake. Pinned over 91K times who’s going to argue with Libby? Her cake is more like a chocolate torte and is an easy one to make, which means it’s a tad dangerous.

Keto Lemon Pound Cake

Low Carb Lemon Pound Cake

I created this Keto Lemon Pound Cake as a way to honor a family member who L O V E D my high carb lemon pound cake.

Today, she’s looking down from heaven and giving me two thumbs up on transforming this family favorite.


Low Carb Coconut Flour Pound Cake Made With Chocolate

Kim from Low Carb Maven is a veteran in the ketogenic community and her recipes have been a blessing to those who adhere to this diet. Her recipe for Low Carb Coconut Flour Cake With Chocolate was birthed out of mistakenly leaving out a key ingredient one very busy day. I just love her for taking the bull by the horns and taking advantage of the situation.

Low Carb Sour Cream Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Low carb sour cream cinnamon coffee cake

If you miss having a rich coffee cake, you’re in for a real treat with this low carb sour cream cinnamon coffee cake.

It has a generous amount of streusel topping which in my book is the best part of a coffee cake. Can’t I wait for you to give this one a try!


Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Chocolate and peanut butter people! I mean do I really need to say more?  Featuring in the Best Keto Cake Round Up the darling Kyndra from Peaceloveandlowcarb cuz her yummy Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake  is going to make you sing the praises of this lifestyle.

Keto Blueberry Toasted Coconut Skillet Cake

If you are follower of my blog, you’ve probably already guessed that I am a big fan of cast-iron skillets.

So, coming up with a recipe for a Keto Blueberry Coconut Cake Skillet Cake was pretty inevitable. This recipe is a great option if you need the cake to not only be sugar-free and low in carbs, but also nut-free.

Low Carb Pumpkin Cranberry Skillet Cake

Low Carb Pumpkin Cranberry Skillet Cake

To further prove my point that I love cast-iron skillets,  I am sharing my recipe for Low Carb Pumpkin Cranberry Cake

There is just something special about bringing a skillet cake to the table after a delicious low carb meal. It’s so good that your family will ask for it any time of year.


Low Carb Keto Kentucky Butter Cake Recipe

I couldn’t resist the urge to share one more recipe from Carolyn of All Day I Dream About Food, because her recipe for Low Carb Keto Kentucky Butter Cake has been pinned over 28K times and that many people can’t be wrong.

Easy Keto Mocha Swirl Pound Cake

Keto pound cake (mocha swirl)

Making it to number 15 on this Keto Cake Round-Up is my recipe for Easy Keto Mocha Swirl Pound Cake

It’s yet another keto pound cake recipe that is sure to be one you will go to often. The addition of a mocha swirl takes what would otherwise be a great cake, to a another level.


In conclusion, I sure hope you will give these keto recipes a try and that you’ll also share them with your friends and family. Join me on the mission to show the world how delicious it is to do a low carb ketogenic lifestyle.

The Perfect Keto Companion

perfect keto starter bundle

If I had to choose just one favorite keto hack to assist you on your low carb keto diet, it would be the use of Exogenous Ketones   Giving you the ability to drink ketones in a supplement

Why am I such a big fan? Because sometimes even great recipes and tips are just not enough to keep you compliant.

The use of exogenous ketones  is especially useful when first adopting a low carb keto diet or when you need to get back on track after a carb slip up.

Until recently to get into a state of ketosis required days, perhaps weeks of very strict keto dieting.

However, with the ability to now drink ketones you can see the results you want to accomplish consistently and quicker. You can now experience what it feels to be in ketosis and side pass the dreaded keto-flu. The flu-like symptoms you experience when transitioning into a ketogenic state.

Why aim to be in ketosis? Because once you are in ketosis you don’t have as many cravings and your appetite diminishes significantly. In addition, you have more energy and focus helping you to stay committed to the plan.

Ketone Testing

If you are wanting to do a keto diet effectively, don’t forget to test your ketone levels. Although ketone strips work well initially, the Gold standard is the blood ketone test.This test is taken just like the glucose test that diabetics use to track their sugar levels.

After 10 seconds the ketone meter will give you an accurate reading. Testing is not necessary in order to do a ketogenic diet, but it can serve as a powerful tool to track your ketone levels and help you see your ketosis progress.

Please feel free to reach out to us to assist you in any way. It’s our desire to see you succeed.

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