Keto Bread Recipes

ultimate collection of Keto Bread recipes

Most of us grew up hearing that bread is the staff of life. Probably because it’s a basic staple in the diet of many. But what happens when you develop a gluten intolerance or embark on a low carb, ketogenic diet and can no longer consume bread? 

Well, that’s when keto bread recipes like these can make it possible to enjoy bread without the risk of your body reacting to wheat or being kicked out of ketosis. 



Whether your an experienced baker or a novice, my advice is that before you attempt to make your own low carb bread recipes that you start with tried and true ones like these I am sharing with you. 

This collection of keto bread recipes has you covered with both savory and sweet options that will help make a low carb diet a delicious breeze. 

I encourage you to check out my keto baking tips if you are still learning how to bake with low carb ingredients. It’s a detailed resource to help ensure you always have consistent results. 

Keto Bread collection
Ultimate Keto Bread Collection

How To Make Keto Bread

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With just a few basic ingredients that make up a keto baking pantry, you can stay committed to the keto diet easily. You’ll notice that all the listed recipes are pretty straightforward. I aim to make it simple to bake keto bread even if you are new to this way of eating. 

By understanding a few essential principles before you start making low carb bread, you’ll find yourself fully prepared to bake. 

For starters let’s start with the obvious and that’s that keto bread does not have the exact same texture of yeasted bread and that’s because they are void of gluten. 

Gluten is what is responsible for making the dough in bread elastic. This happens when water is added to wheat flour. Once combined a network of protein forms and it’s what gives the dough both strength and elasticity. This happens in the fermentation process and it’s what causes bread to rise and keep its shape.

When making keto bread we work around not having gluten by using a few ingredients like cream cheese, gelatin powder, psyllium husk powder, golden flax, and xantham gum that help adds stability and texture to keto bread.

These help keto quick bread come as close as possible to their traditional counterparts. All this while still being low enough in carbs to be considered ketogenic. 

Working With Alternative Flours 

With that being said, you will never have a low carb bread mimic high carb ones exactly. The reality is that wheat flour will always be finer and lighter to work with than alternative flours. But with these listed keto bread recipes, I aim to come as close as possible. 

When making ketogenic friendly bread you will need to swap out wheat flour for alternative flours such as the following. These are my go-to options since they are what is most accessible to the majority of people.

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Keto Bread Recipes

Stop missing bread when doing keto with this collection of delicious and easy keto bread recipes. Whether you are wanting something savory or sweet these low carb bread recipes will have you covered.

Savory Keto Bread Recipes

Needing a savory bread to swap out your favorite high carb version? These keto bread recipes will fool your taste buds and keep you in ketosis.

Sweet Keto Bread Recipes

This growing collection keto sweet bread recipes will allow you to enjoy quick breads that mimic their high carb counterparts deliciously.

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