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Keto Christmas Side Dishes

This recipe collection of keto Christmas sides is sure to get you into the mood for the holiday! It’s packed with all the traditional sides that bring back all the special memories that are tied to this festive holiday. 

Whether you’re hosting Christmas this year or are a guest this recipe collection is full of amazing low carb, gluten-free alternatives, and reinventions of the classics that you will be proud to serve.  

Maybe this year it’s not your turn to host Christmas and instead you’ve been invited to a loved one’s home to celebrate. Why not bring a couple of our side dishes with you?

It would be the perfect opportunity to share with them how you can enjoy all the traditional dishes, by using keto-friendly ingredients.

Who knows they may just decide to join on your keto journey, once they realized the many delicious options available to them. 

You’ll find we have a large array of delicious comfort food perfect for your Christmas meal. Everything from keto scalloped turnips, green beans Almondine to creamed spinach!  

Do you know we even have keto roasted mac and cheese? As you can see we’ve got you covered, so no matter what your favorite Christmas side is we are here for you. 

You can’t forget dessert though, so check out our Keto Christmas Desserts collection for loads of sweet treats! And while you’re at it why not check out our Keto Chrismas Cookies collection too!




Keto Christmas Side Dishes

Keto Christmas Sides Recipe Collection

Keto Christmas Sides Recipe Collection

There is no denying that the holiday season can be the most challenging time to stay on track with the keto diet. And this is the case whether you’re new to keto or are a veteran of this way of eating. 

With Christmas, comes a lot of festivities but also a ton of food that can make you feel you are missing out. 

One of the main reasons we started sharing our keto recipes with you all is that we never wanted people that keto couldn’t be delicious. 

Honestly, what we have found is that there is a substitute for just about everything we used to enjoy prior to going keto, which started back in 2014 for us. 

All of the recipes in this Christmas collection are low-carb, gluten-free options that also happen to be so yummy that even your non-keto family and friends will love!

So gather your keto ingredients and treat yourself to some amazing keto sides!

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Be sure to also check out our keto Christmas Breakfast recipes to keep the celebration going from morning till midnight! 

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Keto Christmas Sides

This great collection of keto Christmas sides is sure to get you into the holiday spirit! It's packed with all the traditional sides that invoke that feeling of nostalgia while still managing to keep you in ketosis.