5 Easy Tips To Going Low Carb

5 low carb tips

Are you looking for an easy way to eat healthier? What if I told you that eating a low carb keto diet will not have you feeling deprived? Well, it’s true. What’s more my 5 easy tips to going low carb will have you on the path to success in no time.

When people ask us for help in starting a keto diet I start off by encouraging them to visit our blog’s about page to see our before and after pictures. I then tell them to grab our extensive grocery list to use as a guide.

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1. Eat More Vegetables

Surprised? Don’t be. Eating low carb means you’re probably going to increase your vegetable intake. Most would be surprised to know that low-carbers eat a lot of vegetables.

Which ones? Not the starchy ones, like corn and potatoes, but the above ground ones, such as broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, and all the greens.

2. Eat More Fat

What eat more fat? I can hear the cries of protest ringing in my ears, but hear me out. Especially those of you who are still hanging on to your beloved low-fat diets.

Yes, people who eat a diet that’s lower in carbohydrates usually eat more fats. But believe it or not, this is a good thing. Fats fill us up, and makes it less likely that we will overeat.

It goes without saying that a diet that is high in carbs and fat is probably not a good idea. However, there is absolutely no reason to think that adding fats to our diet is a bad thing.

You can add fats from natural sources like olive oil, nuts, avocado, fatty fish, flax seeds, butter and coconut oil. By the way, in case you haven’t heard, the jury is out that saturated fat is not the enemy.

On a low carb keto diet you eat a higher level of fat because your body uses the fat (ketones) as fuel instead of (glucose) sugar. Become a fat-burner by eating a low-carb plan and embrace the fat your body not only craves but needs.

3. Look For Hidden Sugars

Maybe you didn’t realize you needed to become a bit of a detective when you opted to eat a low carb keto diet. It’s vital that you carefully read your labels in order to know how much added sugar you may be consuming unawares. You may be shocked to know that there may be small amounts of many types of sugars hidden in your foods.

Sugar is hiding in what appears  as a “healthy” ingredients, such as honey, rice syrup, or even “organic dehydrated cane juice”. Guess What? These all convert to (glucose) sugar in your body and they all still produce an insulin spike, which in turn strokes your hunger.

Don’t even get me started on fruit juice concentrates, which may sound healthy, but by the time they get “concentrated” very little remains except sugar. Not to mention that (fructose) the sugar in fruit, can actually do more harm than regular table sugar because it raises your sugar levels even faster.

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Do you know that sugar is even hiding in our salt. Our salt?! Are you kidding me? That’s right if you are using regular table salt versus sea salt you’re getting some sugar with your salt. Want to know what it’s called? dextrose. See what I mean about becoming a bit of a sleuth?

4. Learn To Swap it Out

Start substituting lower-carb foods for their higher-carb counterparts. Use zucchini to make noodles, instead of pasta, cauliflower to make “rice”. Instead of chips have some nuts or make cheese chips. Replace high carb flours for almond or coconut flour.

5 . Analyze Your Condiments

You may not realize this but many of your favorite condiments like ketchup and barbecue sauce are loaded with carbs because they get their sweetness from sugar. Just one tablespoon of barbecue sauce has close to 7 grams of carbohydrates. Try your hand at new recipes that use low carb condiments like mustard, lemon juice, fresh and dried spices, or why not make your own.

Bonus Tip

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One of the best tips we can give you when transitioning into a low carb keto diet is the use of exogenous ketones. You can now drink your ketones and have ketosis on demand. This is a true game-changer. No need to go through the dreaded keto-flu as your body releases the extra stored glucose and begins to burn fat for fuel.

It’s a great tool when you first start the lifestyle or if like us you want to feel the extra energy, focus and appetite suppression that elevated ketones affords.

Not all exogenous ketones are the same. The quality of the ketones makes a huge difference.




  1. The ketchup recipe looks delicious – can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing an old family favorite with us. :o)

  2. I love these tips. I’ve tried most of them and the substitutions are delicious. I’ve also lost weight by going low carb. The only problem is that I can’t stay low carb for long. I get too many sugar cravings!

  3. When I first heard about cauliflower rice I had to try it and it is more delicious than I imagined:p

  4. Recently, we discovered the love of mashed cauliflower with a hint of garlic. We planted this in our garden and got 4 large heads. I cut them up and froze them. Decided to try and mash with garlic – it was a BIG hit. Yummy.


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