Going Low Carb? Avoid The 5 Most Common Pitfalls!

Avoid the most common low carb diet pitfalls

The jury is out, eating low carb for weight loss and greater health is indeed beneficial. In fact, it can be very effective in the fight against obesity, insulin resistance, and disease prevention. 

One of the main reasons it works so well is that it eliminates many of the foods we tend to over-consume. You know all the high carb foods that so many people have a hard time saying no to. 

These high carb foods have the tendency to spike our blood sugar faster than any other foods so when you take them out of your diet you quickly reduce your calories too and see results. 

But even knowing all the benefits, it’s difficult to restrict carbs when you first embark on a ketogenic diet. 

Careful macro planning is crucial especially in the beginning using a keto macro calculator like this one can tailor the diet to your specific needs and goals. It ensures that you are not having too many macronutrients that could hinder results. 

The challenge comes when we attempt to do the diet but don’t aim to make it a lifestyle. Too often, people look at eating healthy as something to “try” or a goal with an end date. Unfortunately like anything of true value, in order to see results, consistency is needed.

I believe at times people look at the dietary changes Randy and I made over these past three years and mistakenly assume it was always smooth sailing. That was far from the truth! Which is why we want to help you avoid the 5 most common low carb pitfalls.

There was a definite learning curve for us. It took us time to wrap our minds around some health concepts that were completely foreign to us.

5 most common keto pitfalls
5 most common low carb-keto pitfalls

5 Low Carb Pitfalls to Avoid

For years we were taught that we needed to be on a low-fat diet in order to lose weight. Fat was something we feared and were told to avoid. The fact that we should embrace fat for greater health and weight loss still sounds funny to our ears some days.

We had to demolish old mindsets and be willing to renew our minds to a better way of eating if we wanted to experience greater quality of life.

After all, eating low-fat did not gain me any health and it certainly never help Randy lose weight long-term. We had to draw a line in the sand and change are food paradigm.

There was definitely a time of some trial and error. Today, we have dedicated our lives to make this journey easier for others by attempting to lead by example while sharing our success and lessons learned.

With that being said, don’t assume that making a lifestyle change will not take discipline and personal education.  Everything takes time and this includes getting healthy.

1. The Urge To Change Everything Overnight 

The kneejerk reaction to want to see results overnight can be detrimental. This is probably the biggest hurdle we see people face. They want to experience immediate results when it comes to eating low carb.

It’s completely unreasonable to believe that one quality decision will immediately bring about transformation. The same can be said about one single slip up ruining everything.

It’s important to remember that you did not get in your present state of health overnight and that it will take time to make ALL the necessary changes. Just keep moving in the right direction and give yourself time to adjust. Patience will be required on your journey to wellness.

2. Continuing to Eat Low-Fat Foods

For years we were told that in order to lose weight we needed to avoid saturated fats. Newer studies point to the fact that fat was never the true culprit. So what is the reason for the steady rise in diabetes, hypertension, and obesity? Simple, it’s the overwhelming amount of sugar hidden in our diets.

The introduction of low-fat products added more sugar to our diet. It was a way for companies to mask the lack of flavor in low-fat foods.  They used loads of sugar to replace the fat.

When it comes to fats, the ones you need to avoid are poly-unsaturated ones like canola, corn, and the like.  These oils are highly processed, mostly man-made, and have shown to cause inflammation, clogged arteries, and a slew of other diseases including a higher incidence of cancer. The other fat to avoid is the trans-fats that are in highly processed foods.

If you continue to eat “low-fat” processed foods you are more likely to also be eating high sugar foods, since the fat has been replaced by sugar in many of them.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water And Forgetting To Replace Necessary Electrolytes

On a low carb, ketogenic plan, you will be changing your body from being a glucose (sugar) burner, to fat (ketone) burner. This means you MUST drink plenty of water to flush out all that excess fat and by-products that your body is releasing.

Otherwise, you will find yourself retaining fluids and feeling flu-like symptoms as your body tries to adjust. Drinking more water and adding high-quality sea salt to your diet will make the transition smoother.

4. Going Overboard with Proteins

When you begin to eat low carb, there is a tendency to think you could eat all the proteins you want. Unfortunately, there is never a license to binge. If you end up eating too much protein, the excess will be stored as fat.

This is why some people don’t understand why they are not losing weight as steadily on a low carb plan. They assume they are doing things by the book. However, a closer look at what they are consuming may show that they are having way too much protein.

Keep in mind that on a ketogenic plan, fat is your main source of energy not protein. Using a keto calculator app can help you stay on track and avoid any unnecessary stalls.

5.Rushing The Fat Adaptation Process

It’s normal to have some fightback from your body when changing to a low carb, keto plan. Your body is detoxing from years of eating too much sugar. The good news is that this period is short-lived.

Soon you will be reaping the benefits with weight loss and a greater sense of wellness. Your sacrifice will be rewarded with energy to spare. One of the best motivators to stay on track is how amazing you begin to feel once you are completely fat adapted.

Is all this effort worth the work? Well, if you’re going to ask us, the answer is a definite yes! Today, we are feeling better than we did fifteen years ago. In fact, the changes have been so dramatic that we can’t imagine ourselves eating any other way.

Tip To Assist Fat Adaptation

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Arming yourself with keto recipes is certainly key in doing this diet long enough to see the many benefits. But even with the best low carb ketogenic recipes sometimes additional help is needed. 

This is when we also encourage you to have the right supplements to help you get and stay in ketosis. Because when you have the right tools the keto diet becomes easier. 

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