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MCT Oil Powder, The Healthy Alternative To Creamer

Getting enough healthy fats while doing a keto diet can be challenging and all too often people just get it all wrong. This is especially problematic for those who are embarking on a low-carb diet for the first time.

Not only do you need to make sure you are consuming the right amount of fat macros while doing keto, but the quality of the fat also matters.

This is where supplementing with MCT Oil Powder makes the whole process so much easier. After all, just adding gobs of oil to your diet in an effort to get into ketosis can be a recipe for disaster. 

I remember the first time I heard that people were adding coconut oil and butter to their coffee how put-off and frankly stunned I was. Why on earth would I want to add fat to my coffee?!?

To best explain why people doing a keto diet are consuming fatty coffees it’s important to understand a little more about the keto diet. You see in a true ketogenic diet, dietary fats can range anywhere from 70-85%.

Another way of saying it is, that it’s a diet that has four times more fat than carbs, with protein levels managed so that 90 percent of calories are coming from fat.

I see people all the time make the mistake of either having too little fat while doing a ketogenic diet or having the wrong type of fat. 

Why MCT Oil Powder Versus MCT Oil?

Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder
Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder

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Recently, a member of Dr. Don Colbert’s Divine Health staff reached out to me to do a review of his Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder.  

As a huge fan of Dr. Colbert’s work, I was thrilled to accept the opportunity. Although this is a sponsored post I want you to know that all the opinions are mine.

Dr. Colbert is a graduate of Oral Roberts University Medical School, and is not only a well-respected family practice doctor but is a strong Christian believer. 

In fact, he has been ministering health and healing for over 25 years and is a frequent guest to well-known ministries such as John Hagee, Joyce Meyer, and Kenneth Copeland. 

What’s more, he’s authored over 40 books and has an entire line of ketogenic supplements called Keto Zone. His MCT oil powder is what he calls a “better alternative to creamer”.

I must say I can’t agree more with him. After all, the powdered creamer I grew up on is full of inflammatory oils and loads of chemicals. Plus, it’s void of any nutrition.

But why MCT oil powder instead of MCT oil? Well, to be honest, I used to add pure MCT oil straight into my coffee, but I wasn’t a great fan of having a pool of oil floating at the top of my cup. Let’s face it, it’s not the most appealing way to drink coffee.

However, I was willing to make it work because of the many proven benefits. The good news is that using Keto Zone MCT oil powder not only is a healthier alternative to creamer, but it also helps raise my ketone levels naturally and easily.

Not only does it have MCTs it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free, and has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. These are all wins in my book.

Divine Health’s MCT Oil Powder 

A ketogenic diet aims to lower carbohydrate intake while simultaneously consuming more healthy fats with the goal of producing ketones. That just means that instead of burning sugar (glucose) for fuel, your body now burns fat (ketones).

But let’s face it, it’s not exactly easy to consume that much fat. So finding clever ways to do so while doing a ketogenic diet just makes sense. 

I learned early on my keto diet that adding MCT oil was a great keto hack in raising your ketone levels naturally. 

Having more ketones in your system gives you more energy and keeps you satiated for hours. The addition of healthy fats keeps your brain nice and content and therefore hunger dramatically reduces. 

Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder
Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder

This is because MCTs are less likely to be stored as fat compared to normal long-chain fatty acids. Their shorter chain length allows them to be digested rapidly. 

Once MCTs are broken down they move from the digestive tract to the liver for immediate energy. That’s not the case for long-chain fatty acids who could only be broken down by bile acids and lipases and then take a slow boat through the lymphatic system before entering the bloodstream.

That much slower process means their likelihood of being stored as fat increases. So where’s the keto hack in taking MCTs? Well, besides being a great way to get those fat macros high enough to get your liver to start producing ketones, MCT supplementation has been shown to increase metabolism. 

Hands-down medium-chain fatty acids have been proven to be more ketogenic than normal long-chain fatty acids. This is why supplementing with Divine Health’s MCT Oil Powder can make all the difference.

In fact, in some cases, it can be the difference between staying the course or giving up too soon. 

keto zone MCT Oil Powder
Divine Health’s MCT Oil Powder

Benefits of MCT Oil Powder

Experts have referred to MCT powder as “rocket fuel” for your brain. This is because MCTs are different from other fats in that they don’t require bile salts for absorption and digestion.

Since your brain cannot store energy, it needs a constant flow of energy which usually comes in the form of blood glucose.

However, ketones are a superior source of brain fuel because it crosses the blood-brain barrier easily and therefore provide instant energy to the brain. 

The healthy fats in Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder are quickly converted to ketones to provide increased focus, energy, and enhance fat-burning.

Adding Divine Health’s MCT Oil Powder to your hot coffee or tea raises your ketone levels naturally. Which in turn gives you more energy and keeps your appetite reduced for hours. 

The use of Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder will keep you feeling full for hours and that alone will give you greater fat loss while doing keto. 

MCTs The Energy Your Body Prefers

MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are your body’s preferred source of energy. What’s great about MCTs, is that they are quickly metabolized into ketones, providing energy to your body.

Clinical Research has shown that consumption of medium-chain triacylglycerols (MCTs) leads to greater energy expenditure than does the consumption of long-chain triacylglycerols. These studies suggest that MCT oil may be useful for weight management.

Some of the added benefits include the following:

  • Sustained Energy Levels, Without Crashes
  • Cognition And Mental Clarity
  • Proper Metabolic Function
  • Proper Cellular Function
  • Clean Energy Source
  • Increased Satiety
  • Raises Metabolic Rate Through Enhanced Thermogenesis And Fat Oxidation
  • Help Raise Ketone Production In The Liver

Keto Zone MCT Powder was created to assist the body in converting fat into energy quickly and easily. Because you can make it part of your daily routine, you will gain the mental and physical boost needed to help make keto a lifestyle and not just a diet.

It is a delicious and easy way to boost fat loss, reduce your appetite, lift brain fog and increase your energy. 

MCT Oil Powder

Enjoy MCT Oils’ Benefits Easily

While both MCT Oil and MCT Powder have health benefits, there are some practical reasons why powder makes more sense. 

For one there is the added portable convenience of using powder over an oil. Frankly, using MCT oil can be messy plus I find that it doesn’t mix well. That’s not the case with MCT Oil Powder, that easily mixes into any hot liquid.

Unfortunately, with traditional MCT oil, in order to ensure that the oil fully emulsifiers, you have the added step of having to use a blender. Otherwise, it just does mix properly.

With so many steps to drink a fat-fueled coffee, I didn’t make it part of my everyday routine and I was, therefore, missing out.

The good news is that you can get all the benefits of MCT Oil by simply adding the Keto Zone MCT OIL powder to your favorite beverage.

Because it can be added easily to your diet, you will gain all the benefits by making it part of your daily routine. 

How To Use KETO Zone MCT Oil Powder

  • To use Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder, just add one scoop as a dairy-free creamer alternative.
  • Mix MCT Oil Powder into 8 or more ounces of your favorite hot beverage. It could even be plain water.
  • Add a scoop of MCT Oil Powder to your smoothies to further enhance nutrition. 
  • Enjoy MCT Oil Powder with a keto meal or even in place of a snack or meal. 
  • When breaking a fast use MCT Oil Powder to make the transition to regular eating easier.
  • Use before a workout for added energy, or after a workout to help with recovery. 

Jesus And Keto Transformation

You should know that Randy and I came to the keto diet looking at it from a Christian perspective. As believers, it was natural for us to combine our Christian faith and the keto diet 

When we began to apply the tenements of our Christian faith with the keto diet, the benefits surpassed anything we had hoped for. Not only did our health transform but our walk with Christ also grew.

You can read more about our health transformation on our about page.

I say all this to say, that knowing there is a Christian Medical Doctor who is advocating the benefits of a ketogenic diet by both educating believers and offering high-level supplements simply thrills us. 

As believers, we are huge proponents of doing our part when it comes to taking care of our temple. We’ve learned that there are no shortcuts when it comes to achieving divine health.

We understand that in order to see the benefits we desired required a complete lifestyle change. Having a supplement like Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder helps us stay on the course of transformation as we continue to combine our Christian faith with that of a keto diet. 

I encourage you to give Divine Health’s MCT Oil Powder a try and see if it further enhances your ketogenic lifestyle.  Use code FITTOSERVE at checkout to take advantage of a 10% discounted price. The discount expires on June 30th, 2019

Feel free to reach out to us with any of your questions.