Best Intermittent Fasting Protocol For Weight Loss And Greater Health

best fasting protocol

Are you looking for fasting advice you can count on? Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung share their knowledge in their book, The Complete Guide to Fasting, heal your body through intermittent, alternate-day, and extended fasting. 

If you are looking for a book that helps you choose your best fasting protocol and answers your fasting questions, this book will prove to be a great resource.

As a long-term advocate of fasting and it’s benefits, I found The Complete Guide to Fasting to be a fantastic tool.

It truly will be become your ultimate guide for finding your best fasting protocol. When it comes to understanding the different forms of fasting and the science that backs it up, this book will prove invaluable.

Why I Believe In Fasting

Those who know me well can attest that I am a firm believer in using fasting as a way to speed up healing.  As a Christian it has been a discipline that I have included in my life for many years and one I attribute my growing health to.

Finding the best fasting protocol was key for me and this book is a great way for you to find what best type of fasting to implement.

Fasting For Greater Health

In fact, it was during a time of fasting that the Lord guided me to change my diet and go low carb keto and begin the journey to my health transformation.

The idea of removing empty carbs, grains and all forms of sugar was foreign to me, back in 2006. Yet it was during this initial fast, that the breakthrough I needed began to unfold and that I found my best fasting protocol.

Best Fasting Protocol

Ketosis During Fasting

Knowing what I now understand about the science behind being in a fasted state, I can see that my ketone levels were probably quite high because of the fast.

Being in a deep level of ketosis heightened my state of awareness and made it easier for me to hear the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

Fasting To Hear God

Perhaps, had I not been fasting, I would not have heard the Holy Spirit’s instructions so clearly regarding the need to change my diet and go low carb. During that first fast the words low carb were not in my vernacular.

However,  when I got rid of the grains and sugar in my diet, I stumbled this diet. I also found the best fasting protocol to change my health and it proved to be the missing link in my transformation.

The Complete Guide to Fasting is one you want to include in your library. Find your best fasting protocol, and get your questions answered.

This book will teach you how to experience maximum benefits while fasting and give you practical tips to help you succeed.

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The book is a collaboration between Jason Fung, MD and Jimmy Moore. Together they highlight all the benefits of fasting, and the science behind why it works so effectively for greater overall health.

An Honest Approach To Fasting

I love how Jimmy candidly shares how he was not swooned by fasting in the beginning. In fact, his skepticism had him asking “why would you purposely starve yourself, why would you make yourself hungry all the time by not having any food at all?” It made no sense to him.

It wasn’t until he began to experiment with fasting himself that he  learned what would be the best fasting protocol for what he needs to achieve his goals.

Dr. Jason Fung goes into the technical aspects behind the fasting, without leaving you overwhelmed.

He does an effective job of explaining what the root problem of obesity is and how it’ turns out to be a hormonal issue, rather than a calorie, imbalance.

Insulin The Fat-Storing Hormone

Fung explains how insulin is a fat-storing hormone and how when we eat insulin increases. When insulin increases it signals our body to store some of this food energy as fat for later use.

Understanding the insulin response in our bodies can logically lead us to conclude, that fasting can therefore reduce our insulin effectively and help with issues such as insulin resistance and how fasting can be very healing for diabetics looking for a way to mange their sugar levels.

“The insulin hormone response is not only natural, it’s an essential process that has helped humans survive famine for thousands of years.” Jason Fung, MD.

In today’s westernized world, where the common diet pushes higher levels of insulin, we see how it has resulted in the large increase of obesity and diabetes in our populations.

By adding a fasting protocol we can decrease the risk of obesity, lower our sugar levels and achieve greater health.

Book Excerpt From The Complete Guide to Fasting

Starvation? That’s the answer? You’re going to starve people? No. That is not it at all. I’m not going to starve people; I’m asking them to fast. Fasting is completely different from starvation in one crucial way: control. 

Starvation is the involuntary abstention from eating. It is neither deliberate nor controlled. Starving people have no idea when and where their next meal will come from.

This happens in times of war and famine, when food is scarce. Fasting, on the other hand, is the voluntary abstention from eating for spiritual, health, or other reasons.

Food is readily available, but you choose not to eat it. No matter what your reason for abstaining, the fact that fasting is voluntary is a critical distinction. Jason Fung MD, The Complete Guide to Fasting.

Can Anyone Benefit From Fasting?

So can anyone benefit from fasting? In this well written book, we see that making fasting a regular part of our lives can enhance our health tremendously.

It is full of different ways to incorporate fasting so that no matter where you are on your health journey you can reap the benefits.  

In Conclusion

Lastly, the best fasting protocol is the one that you can use on a consistent basis and therefore allow you to reap the benefits.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your health and want to find the best fasting protocol for your lifestyle, let The Complete Guide to Fasting be your resource. You may just find it’s the key your were missing.

You can follow Jimmy Moore and his work here. For more information on Dr. Jason Fung’s extensive work, you’ll want to sign-up for his blog and read more about his research, including picking up his best seller The Obesity Code.

Keto Reboot

If you have been wanting to fast but have not been able to do so consistently, I encourage you to consider signing up for the Keto Reboot. It’s an all inclusive way to intermittent fast allowing you to experience the benefits while still giving your body what it needs.

My Favorite Keto Tool For Fasting

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Looking for proven tool to help you fast? The use of exogenous ketones can help you make intermittent fasting a regular part of your lifestyle.

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When your ketones are elevated your appetite is greatly reduced, thereby making fasting much easier.

To be able to a drink that put’s you into a state of ketosis is a game-changer.

I invite you to read more about the benefits of entering into ketosis quickly.