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Who is Prüvit and what is KETO//OS

KETO-OS stands for “ketone operating system” and it’s the first Pure Therapeutic Ketone Supplement on the market. The proprietary blend is owned by Prüvit and is Dr. Approved, Lab Tested, and University backed. Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, who is one of the most world-renowned experts on Ketones and Ketosis, developed the technology of Keto-OS at the University of South Florida (USF). They have a business model that can make it easy for you to share this technology allowing you to work from home.

Prüvit was the first company approved by USF to acquire the sublicense rights to market this patent pending technology and now owns the worldwide rights to Keto-OS. Prüvit is partnered with multiple universities and PhD’s continuing the research focused on the connection between Ketones and Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Epilepsy and many more disorders. Human studies on finished products are underway at various universities and research facilities.

Are you looking for a business you can work from the comfort of your home?

Prüvit is a cloud based business making it more efficient and cost effective with less overhead, this translates into a cost-effective business model. Prüvit believes that the strength of the company is our community and the ability to share the ketone conversation.

Prüvit’s has a simple philosophy. They don’t want you to sell their products, but rather inspire people to buy based on the experiences people are having using KETO//OS. Prüvit has a long-term vision to make a lasting impact, which is why they don’t consider themselves a transaction only company. Prüvit places a very high standard on education and makes it a priority to teach the science behind the technology. By providing evidence based supplements, it makes it easy to share the benefits of being in ketosis.

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Anyone that decides to join and build a business with Prüvit can do so with a minimal investment. There is absolutely NO need for large inventory as they handle all the shipping.

Can Prüvit be right for you?

Like us you probably have some questions that need answering before you decide. Which is why we have taken the time to answer some for you.

Does KETO//OS really put you into a state of ketosis?

Can KETO//OS put person into Ketosis, and have them burn fat for fuel? There are scientific ways to test if you are in ketosis. The most inexpensive way to test the presence of ketones in the urine, is using test strips. You can pick these up at any pharmacy.

The Gold standard is the blood ketone test. This test is taken just like the glucose test that diabetics use. You prick your finger and touch your ketone test strip to the blood and let the ketone meter do its job. After 10 seconds the ketone meter will give you a reading. Do note that testing is not necessary, since people will experience being in ketosis by the higher level of focus, energy and appetite suppression they gain by taking KETO//OS

Is this a sustainable business that will allow me to make money?

Prüvit makes it easy to share KETO//OS and work from home by using several of their tools like their campfire video that easily explains the benefits of ketosis and selling 5, 10 day samples for those who want to test the product before committing to a monthly investment.

As far as the income opportunity only you can decide this. The amount of money you can make will be strictly up to you and to what degree you are willing to share KETO//OS. If you are willing to work and educate yourself and others on the benefits of ketones and ketosis, I assure you there is a fantastic business that can give you a steady flow of part-time income or even full time revenue.

We know that being in therapeutic ketosis can benefit a large population of people. This includes children to the elderly and anyone in between. This makes for a very large market of people who can benefit from being in ketosis.

Prüvit started offering KETO//OS and the business opportunity to the public Sept 1st 2015. This puts you in a unique position to be part of something that is has not even peaked yet.

For more details about the business click here

Who can benefit from KETO//OS and will buy?

KETO//OS is for anyone who wants to feel better, have more focus, energy.  KETO//OS isn’t a weight loss product, it’s a ketone supplement. It is ideally suited for anyone who needs the benefits of being in ketosis but cannot do the strict traditional ketogenic diet. There are individuals that for health reasons need to be ketosis and this supplement can make it possible to do so easily. Although it is not a weight loss supplement, we know that being in ketosis can help people lose fat very effectively. It is also muscle sparing making it a fantastic tool for athletes who are looking for a competitive edge. From a performance aspect, anyone who is looking to enhance their lives can benefit from KETO//OS. This means that children who struggle with the ability to focus can also drink ketones. For more information on who can benefit from KETO//OS click here. Come

Feel free to reach out to us with your questions regarding Keto//os and the keto lifestyle. We can even schedule a phone call. Before you consider the business opportunity, we encourage you to try Keto//OS for yourself with  15, 20, or 30 day purchases.

For detail information on which plan can best suit your needs read more here


Learn why we said yes to KETO//OS and the business opportunity

Feel free to reach out to us with your questions regarding the business.

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