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We thought we would share just a few of the testimonials that are coming from our Fittoservegroup Community. Individuals are reaching their health goals using Keto//OS, the first therapeutic ketone supplement, making the low carb keto diet sustainable. We are happy to see that Keto//OS has proven to be an effective tool to assist our community group. Their Keto//OS before and after pictures are truly inspiring.

Consider giving them a follow and if their story resonates with you, feel free to reach out to them for further assistance on how to get started by clicking on their links.

Who is Prüvit and what is KETO//OS

KETO-OS stands for “ketone operating system” and it’s the first Pure Therapeutic Ketone Supplement on the market. The proprietary blend is owned by Prüvit and is Dr. Approved, Lab Tested, and University backed. Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, who is one of the most world-renowned experts on Ketones and Ketosis, developed the technology of Keto-OS at the University of South Florida (USF).

ketogenic girl accelerated meal plan

Prüvit was the first company approved by USF to acquire the sublicense rights to market this patent pending technology and now owns the worldwide rights to Keto-OS. Prüvit is partnered with multiple universities and PhD’s continuing the research focused on the connection between Ketones and Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Epilepsy and many more disorders. Human studies on finished products are underway at various universities and research facilities.

Does KETO//OS really put you into a state of ketosis?

Can KETO//OS put a person into Ketosis, and have them burn fat for fuel? There are scientific ways to test if you are in ketosis. The most inexpensive way to test the presence of ketones in the urine, is using test strips. You can pick these up at any pharmacy.

The Gold standard is the blood ketone test. This test is taken just like the glucose test that diabetics use. You prick your finger and touch your ketone test strip to the blood and let the ketone meter do its job. After 10 seconds the ketone meter will give you a reading. Do note that testing is not necessary, since people will experience being in ketosis by the higher level of focus, energy and appetite suppression they gain by taking KETO//OS

Who can benefit from KETO//OS?

KETO//OS is for anyone who wants to feel better, have more focus, energy.  It isn’t a weight loss product, it’s a ketone supplement. It is ideally suited for anyone who needs the benefits of being in ketosis but cannot do the strict traditional ketogenic diet.

There are individuals that for health reasons need to be ketosis and this supplement can make it possible to do so easily. Although it is not a weight loss supplement, we know that being in ketosis can help people lose fat very effectively.

Being in ketosis is also muscle sparing making it a fantastic tool for athletes who are looking for a competitive edge. From a performance aspect, anyone who is looking to enhance their lives can benefit from KETO//OS. This means that children who struggle with the ability to focus can also drink ketones. For more information on who can benefit from KETO//OS click here.

keto OS before and after pictures

Meet Anilu and Frank Gali.  As associate pastors at Casa de Albanza in Doral, Fl, it’s safe to say they have their hands full. Anilu has lived with an auto-immune disease for over 20 years and knew that changing her diet would improve her symptoms. Unfortunately, she had tried to make the necessary changes but was never able to stay the course. That is until she started using Keto//OS as tool to help her clean her diet and stay in therapeutic ketosis.

Using Keto//OS and eating a low carb keto diet has be extremely beneficial to her. Today, Anilu is experiencing greater health and enjoying her full life. She no longer deals with the constant pain from chronic inflammation and has the energy to juggle all the demand on her plate. By no means are we making any medical claims. We encourage you to do your own research about the benefits of being in ketosis and living with an auto-immune disease.

Learn how to prepare easy keto recipes with on her weekly FB Live, Anilu’s Keto Kitchen and be encouraged by her uplifting personality.

Not only is Frank Gali an associate pastor, but he is a full-time physical therapist, with his own private practice. Using Keto//OS has made it easy for him to eat healthy and have the necessary stamina to balance his very busy life.

Thrilled that his precious Anilu is doing so well, today he freely shares the ketone conversation Feel free to reach out to them by email at ketohealthfit@gmail.com with any of your questions, as they are always willing to assist.

keto OS before and after pictures

Meet Antonio Mansilla who has been a type one diabetic for over 20 years. He will tell you that despite getting the best medical attention he was unable to reduce his insulin medication. His extremely high levels of insulin did not allow him to lose weight and kept him in a chronic state of inflammation something that was causing him great pain.

Antonio knew he had to change his diet and reduce the offending carbohydrates that were making his condition worse, but he was never able to make the necessary changes. Enter our Fittoservegroup and the use of Keto//OS. By eating a low carb keto diet Antonio has been finally able to lost over 30 pounds, more importantly he has gained a greater quality of life. * No medical claims are being made, this is simply Antonio Mansilla’s personal story.

We know that being in therapeutic ketosis can help stabilize our sugar levels and this is why Antonio found using Keto//OS as an effective tool to help him reduce his constant craving for carbohydrates. His transformation has inspired his family and friends to join him on the path to better. Keto//OS was the answer to this family’s prayers and Today, he and his wife Xiomara are eager to share the Ketone Conversation  this with those who want to learn more.  Feel free to email xderiqui@yahoo.com with your questions.

Merilyn Clay Keto OS Transformation

Meet Merilyn Clay who despite being a faithful member of our Fittoserve Group Community  was unable to do the low carb keto lifestyle. It wasn’t until she began to use Keto//OS that she was finally able to lose 30 pounds and is loving her new found energy and focus.

Pastor’s Ricky and Yvette Gallinar’s Keto OS Transformation

Allow us to introduce to you our pastors, Ricky and Yvette Gallinar. After having ringside seats to our personal health transformation, they saw the need to open the church, Word of Faith Global to host a Fittoserve Group. Not every ministry would have seen the value of this, but our pastors have a burden for the lost and for the body of Christ to experience optimal health.  They had attempted to follow the advice we gave them at Fittoserve Group for over a year, but were finding it very difficult to stay faithful to the lifestyle. It wasn’t until Keto//OS that they were able to do so successfully.

Today, their passion to see people whole in spirit, mind and body compels them to share the Ketone Conversation. You can follow their journey to wellness on Facebook , Instagram . Feel free to email ygallinar@gmail.com with your questions and comments.

You can also reach out to us personally with your questions by emailing us.

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