Fittoserve On The Radio! Our First Interview

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Recently I had an amazing opportunity to be interviewed on the radio about Fittoserve and to share a low carb keto creation. Fittoserve on life FM Miami was a complete honor.

Donna Jean from Life FM 90.9 was gracious enough to invite me to her Food Fiesta Show to feature Fittoserve on life FM Miami. It’s a way for listeners to showcase their favorite summer recipes. It was great to be able to highlight what Fittoserve is doing in the community and to educate the listeners on the benefits of eating low carb.

LiFE FM 90.9 is a 100K watt radio station

Life FM is operated by Calvary Kendall. Their heart is to “bring people to LIFE through the gospel of Jesus Christ.” They provide solid, biblical teaching by some of the leading pastors and teachers along with cutting edge music, current events and local church info and events.

Donna Jean made me feel at home and I must say I was pleasantly surprised how at ease I was. It must have been all prayers! We talked about how Fittoserve was birthed out of my own personal journey to wellness after being diagnosed with two neurological disease and my church’s constant support.

I stressed my passion about spreading the news to be whole in spirit, mind and body. Fittoserve on life FM Miami was blessing to say the least.

I brought Donna Jean and the staff my Low Carb Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad, a favorite at our church and family gatherings. This is an easy recipe filled with plenty of raw veggie goodness.  A wonderful way to eat add more vegetables to your diet.

I must say the only time I was nervous was when Donna Jean tasted the dish. Fittoserve on life FM Miami was a treat and one I will never forget.





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  1. Yayyyyyyy! Congrats to our one and only Pastor Hilda! ??? I LOVE YOU FITTOSERVE!
  2. Ahhh, Thanks Lisa! Can't wait to meet our first fittoserve baby coming soon!
  3. Congratulations! That's so exciting! I hope your story will help others. ☺️☺️☺️
  4. Congratulations! That is wonderful news!!
  5. OOOOOMG BIG SIS <3 THIS IS INCREDIBLE <3 !!!!!! I'M A PROUD SISTER <3Serene | I Am Serene L
  6. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented: IN THE BIG TIME....GOODIES FOR THE DJ...SURE HELPS!!!! :D
  7. Omg! So awesome!
  8. Hi, You were interviewed on the radio Hilda? How cool is that! Congratulations on all your success. I received a new notification that you followed my blog. Welcome once again. Did I tell you that in a few days we are moving to I hope that you will follow me over there too. Thanks again for your nice comments and all your support. I followed you back on Pinterest. Janice
    • Yes, it was a beautiful opportunity. In fact because of this radio interview I had our local paper the river cities Gazette do a write up too. Earlier today I was on the phone with someone who is going to arrange a few speaking engagements. It is all so surreal. I am truly humbled by it all. Janice please make sure you let me know when you move. I will follow you for sure! I have been reading and putting into practice all your great blogging tips. I think I unfollowed you by mistake. I when I realized it I almost passed out lol. I corrected it immediately. This is what happens when you read the blog on the phone lol ???
  9. Hi Hilda, 1. I moved to the new site yesterday. I received notice you followed Reflections today. (How sweet) I checked my followers to, my new site. I looked back over the last 3 weeks but didn't see you. Try going to (Don't click my name; it will take you to the old site.) I publish Thursday at 2:00 am California time. If you don't get something from me, we will know, or go to and put your Email in the follow box there. Thanks so much. 2. Yesterday, I thought I saw you commented to me something about "helping each other". However, I can't find the comment on either your site or my site. I would love that. I need links into my new blog for SEO purposes. I am starting a Weekly Roundup--best links of the week series. I know you are a recipe blogger. Do you have any related links like time-saving tips? Any post that would help bloggers/writers as well as your readers? Janice
    • Hi Janice I don't want to lose track of you. I kept trying to find you today on Pinterest but I guess that you still need to update. I just went over to your new site and followed over email. Remember to add your other social media and I will follow you there too. I did send you a comment about helping each other. I mostly do recipes and wellness articles but I would love to be part of your roundup. Email me at if I can assist in anyway ?

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