A Keto Transformation Story That Inspires

A Keto Transformation Story That Inspires
Guest Post: Meet Janet Rosenberry her health journey reminds us to never give up even when faced with a bleak diagnosis. Janet’s story is encouraging many to take back the reigns of their health by eating a low carb keto diet and to have a keto transformation. 
“Hello, is this Mrs. Rosenberry”?
“Yes, this is Janet”
“Hello, Janet this is Dr. Hayton.  We received your lab work and I am so sorry to have to tell you this.  But you have Uterine cancer”. This is how my journey to keto transformation began.
Finding out that you have cancer is pretty hard to hear and accept.  But unfortunately 2 years after that, at the age of 38, I received the same phone call .  Only this time, it was Breast cancer.
Altogether, it took me several years to start feeling human again.  After having more tests, surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation than what I can possibly count, my body was broken. However, I was alive AND cancer free.

I Am A Survivor

Now I wasn’t thin before my first cancer diagnosis, however, after a 4 year battle with this dreaded disease, I had gained approximately 100 lbs.  Aren’t people supposed to lose weight when they have cancer?  No, that isn’t the way that it always works.  After all, I had just spent a few years doing little more than just existing.
Now you might think that this would have left me a complete mess.  Both physically and emotionally.  But you see, God blessed me with one of the most precious gifts he could have ever given me.  I’m a born optimist! No matter how bleak a situation is, I’ve always been a “glass half full”  kinda gal, instead of a “glass half empty” individual.
No matter what the circumstances have been in my life, I believe what I have always believed.  And that is that everything will be o.k.  Even if I haven’t always known what o.k. will turn out to look like.

My Keto Transformation

After I was back on my feet I decided to make yet another serious attempt to lose weight.  And it was around this time that there was an incredible amount of buzz around a doctor that people were calling “crazy, misguided, and dangerous”.  But Dr. Atkins’ patients had lost a lot of weight.
A keto transformation was in order, because I also needed to lose a lot of weight.  After all, I felt that my life depended on me getting this weight off. And it was all centered around the concept of serious carb reduction and high fat intake.
I am forever grateful that God led me to Dr. Atkins and the courageous and life-saving work he was doing with a low carb diet.
And although I no longer follow the Atkins program I have continued with a LCHF (low carb high fat moderate protein) lifestyle. It’s why I am part of a growing number of people who have had a keto transformation.
I am always making sure that I am focused on cooking and eating real whole foods that have minimal effect on my blood sugar.
The serious health scares I have triumphed through was well over a decade ago.  And although my journey through living and working a low carb/ketogenic lifestyle hasn’t always been perfect, actually, it’s been very far from perfect.
I remain cancer free to this day AND 154 lbs lighter (and counting).  Yes I have had a keto transformation. I have never given up, and I am always pressing forward.  Thankful that I believe in a God that graced me with the gift of optimism.
May good health be forever with you!
Bio of Janet Rosenberry
Janet truly embraces and enjoys the most precious roles in her life as wife and mother while living in Ohio’s Amish Country. She developed a love and passion for cooking while spending her childhood by her Grandmothers side in the kitchen.  That passion instilled in her never left.
And became especially useful when she changed her way of eating to a low carb/keto way of eating.  One of her favorite culinary challenges is to take a recipe that is high in carbs, give it a “low carb makeover”, then share it with the world.
She is also positively, certifiably, 100% enthusiastic when it comes to informing, teaching, motivating, sharing her recipes, and encouraging people anywhere and everywhere about the life-changing benefits of a Low Carb/Keto diet and lifestyle.
You can find her sharing her recipes, articles, pictures, and helpful low carb/keto information on the following social media platforms:
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