Can The Diet To Go Carb30 Program Be A Good Fit For You?

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Last year Fittoserve Group was featured as one of the top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Blogs on Diet-to-GoIt was an unexpected honor to have made the list.

This year they reached out to us to review their Diet-to-Go Carb30 program and we jumped at the opportunity.

Reviewing Diet-to-Go Carb30 program made sense for Fittoserve Group. Can I tell you we have been asked on numerous occasions if we would be willing to offer meals, not just meal plans but meals.

Unfortunately, that’s not something we foresee happening any time soon, or possibly ever. Which is why we gladly said yes to Diet-to-Go when they offered to send us a week’s worth of foods that fit our low carb keto blog offerings.


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What exactly is Diet-to-Go? Well, it’s a meal delivery or pick up service that offers four different menu options depending on your specific needs. Each meal is made with high quality ingredients, portion-controlled and made to suit the individual depending on their goals.

Let me take a moment to highlight what each plan offers.


This is their standard meal plan and what they have been using for over 25 years to help people lose weight. Diet to Go has a proven record that what they are doing works. This plan offers a vegetarian and seafood free option. The menu is low in calories, low in fats and low in sodium.


The plan follows the American Diabetes Association guidelines for carbohydrates and fat reduction. The menu is designed to help you lose weight, manage pre-diabetes, and type-2 diabetes. It is low in fat, low in sodium and carbs.


This menu option is a vegetarian version of their traditional BALANCE menu. Its calorie controlled, and low in fat. The protein this option offers comes from dairy, eggs, beans and occasionally soy.

Diet to go CARB30 MENU

It’s what we were asked to review and what we consider the perfect option for those who follow Fittoservegroup and a low carb keto plan. If you adhere to a diet that understands that lowering your carbs for weight loss is an effective way to lose weight quickly, carb30 is the way to go. It’s carb-restricted with only 30 net carbs per day.

This menu replaces carbs with higher levels of fat. Those of us who understand how a low carb keto diet works, know that fat is not to be feared. Once you start burning fat instead of glucose for fuel you enter into ketosis and weight loss becomes much easier.

Their carb30 menu includes meat, cheese and eggs. It excludes bread, pasta, rice, sugar and fruit.

Based on the four menu options that Diet-to-Go has available, it was pretty apparent that we would choose the CARB30 plan and give it our stamp of approval if indeed it delivered on all its promises. T

he idea of having a fast, healthy, delicious solution when eating a low carb plan was something we were interested in testing and sharing with you our readers.

WHAT WE LEARNED about Diet to go

We found that the Diet-to-Go Carb30 program was surprisingly delicious. I say surprisingly, because it’s rare to find  convenient healthy foods also enjoyable. At Diet-to-Go they flash freeze their foods and they aim to use high quality ingredients. This is not your typical TV dinner offering.

The protein portion was tasty and the cooked vegetables were on point. The meal felt like something you would be served at a restaurant, not what’s readily available in your grocery freezer.

If I had one minor complaint, it would be with the vegetable portion of the meals that only needed defrosting. The carrots that came with the tuna salad were a bit mushy.

I don’t see how this could be avoided and it’s really a small issue. Perhaps these veggies could be stored separately with cooking instructions instead.

It should also be noted that although the Diet-to-Go Carb30 program option is a good low carb solution, it is not gluten-free. However, not everyone who does a low carb keto plan has to adhere to a gluten-free diet, so this is not a deal-breaker in our book. If gluten is not an issue for you, the carb30 program will keep you within your carb limits easily.

The food arrived frozen and in perfect condition. If this is to be a viable option, it was crucial that the food be transported properly.

The ability to have a quick healthy meal is fantastic option for those who truly do not have time to shop, and cook every day. It is also a convenient choice when there is only one person in the household doing a diet.

Can we agree that having to cook several different meals to suit each family member is not fun? Diet-to-Go Carb30 program makes meal planning a breeze. Having a stress free option means that you are more likely to stay on plan, this of course is the ultimate goal.

Diet-to-Go offers three full meals a day, and allows for free, easy substitution in the event you don’t particularly like a meal item. You have over a dozen different meals to choose from each meal plan.

This makes food boredom a non-issue. There are no contracts, nor is there a need to call customer service to cancel or to put your plan on pause. By logging into your account you can easily customize your plan and be in complete control

In closing, Fittoserve Group aims for a low carb diet to be a sustainable lifestyle. Our motto is to leave no excuses on the table, as to why you can’t succeed. Using a plan like Diet-to-Go just makes sense, especially for those who are just starting a low carb plan or want a hassle free way to eat healthy every day.

If what has been holding you back from a low carb diet, is the inability to cook consistently meals that are on plan, this may just be a great option for you.

We encourage you to visit their site and decide for yourself if Diet-to-Go is viable solution for you. Take advantage of this discounted price using our site. 10% Off Any Plan  

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