How to Start Exercising and Stay Consistent

Make Exercise Part of Your Regular Regimen

Active people who have fixed exercising or running schedules seem to have no problem sticking to their programs, since this becomes part of their daily and weekly regimen, and also the serotonin hormone and the endorphins released due to the workouts make people happy, less stressed and more energized which makes them want to return on the next day. Learn how start exercising consistently.

Guest Post: Welcome Cara Haley from Comfort Hacks as she shares with us her tips on how to make exercising a natural part of your life. Cara has some tested suggestions that are sure to help you.

how to make exercising a routine

The main problem for people new to exercising is how to get started, as well as how to stick to their exercise program for longer. Here are some tips on getting you started and keeping you going to the gym:

how to make exercising a routine

Five Proven Tips That Help You With Your Exercise Routine

  • Set realistic and reachable goals for yourself. If you are used to a sedentary life, do not expect to be running a marathon in a month. Patience is the key and so is being easy on yourself. Pushing yourself too hard and setting unrealistic goals for yourself can get you injured, and will also most likely lead to frustration, which can lead to making you give up altogether. Start small and slow, and gradually increase the intensity and length of your exercise. Doing something is definitely better than doing nothing at all!
  • Create a detailed exercising plan and make sure you stick to it. If you cannot cope with exercising for 30 minutes every day, just start with 2 or 3 workouts per week. If you are not ready to go to the gym just yet, start with activities such as replacing the elevator with the stairs, or parking further away from work, or taking longer walks with your dog, for example. With time, you will find that your body will naturally want and be ready to exercise more, so you can add more minutes and exercises to your program.
  • Make your exercising fun. If you enjoy it – you are more likely to return and do it again next time! Try out various options for exercise, and find out which one you enjoy most. Adding different types of exercise, such as: spin classes, Zumba, strength workouts, martial arts, yoga and others will help you stay entertained and will also ensure that all the body parts are properly exercised. Get a few fun Zumba DVDs such as these from Fitaholic Gear and start!
  • Get a gym buddy. By getting a friend or loved one involved in your training program, you will not only have more fun during your workouts, but you will feel more motivated to go to the gym if you know someone is waiting for and relying on you! According to Cara from Comfort Hacks finding the right buddy will make you much less likely to abandon your fitness plan program, you will not only have more fun during your workouts, but you will feel more motivated to go to the gym if you know someone is waiting for and relying on you!
  • Keep track of your progress. Of course, once you begin exercising you and people around you will begin noticing the changes in your body. But while you wait for the visible results, it is advisable that you use fitness gear or other tracking apps to keep record of your performance and track your overall progress. This is amazingly satisfying and will definitely keep you interested and motivated to stick to your exercising program! For further motivation – you can share your progress and accomplishments with others on social media and on different specialized websites.



About the author: Cara Haley is addicted to running and healthy food, loves taking pictures, writing, and spending quality time with her family. She writes about running, sports gear and other sports related topics for ComfortHacks and Fitaholicgear.

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